2020.... where will it take us

As I enter the second week of my twelve month ‘sabbatical’ from the commuting to corporate life and back again and reviving Lorick Management and the new division Visitor Economy Development, I find myself busier than I was a couple of weeks ago (and I thought I was busy then). However thrown in with a few factors of difficulty that comes with working from home.

Two weeks, two power outages, mobile phone range reduced, no internet and find myself in a mobile office stopping at every wifi zone possible and eyeballs floating as I feel I need to buy a coffee at each location to compensate for my data use. First world problems...although I hear third world areas have better internet connection than Australia. Non the less work is being done. I am juggling volunteering and community contribution with ensuring I am able to pay the bills that don’t stop because of ‘public good’.

As we know Australia has experienced (and continues to experience) some extreme months of weather events that have impacted communities large and small. With a health epidemic thrown in there to keep our imports and exports on our toes. In the words of Simon Sinek “If you want to feel happy, do something for yourself. If you want to feel fulfilled, do something for someone else”, so I inspire all Australians to contemplate doing something for someone else during these times.