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Zoom... what has it taught us?

Whether it's Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex or Skype... we know we have entered a whole new world of learning in how to 'just meet' in the virtual space. And so much so that now it seems easier than what it did six or so months ago.

In actual fact most of us would admit that we were pushed into just clicking the link and wow.... we were there and talking and meeting and getting stuff done. I didn't have to declare that I am technologically inept and that internet speed could be the did work and it was good.

So familiar with the routine that I can even hear myself uttering the entry protocol to a zoom meeting the same I would in a safety briefing on Qantas about seat belts and emergency exits; "make sure you are on mute and video not connected to save band-width until you are called to comment".

So what does this teach us?

Procrastination, 'the art of avoiding doing something that may have a great result at the end'. How many other things have we stopped because of the 'perception', 'inferred challenges', 'fear of delay', 'fear of the unknown'??

Last week alone I coached 3 people who have never been on Zoom by saying just click on the link to which they replied in a similar tone "there you are!" totally amazed it actually worked. Have faith people ...other things may just work too!

Try that difficult discussion with a loved one, start that fitness regime, enrol for that course you want to do, give that new project a go... you don't know until you try and then 'ZOOM', just like that, it wasn't as hard as you had thought and you are a step ahead of where you were before.

(If you have been on a ZOOM with me in the last few weeks, see if you can see yourself in the image)



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