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What our clients say about us...

Alan McCartney - Corporate Travel Connections said

"Lori is a rare talent, a tenacious drive coupled with diplomacy across many levels of business and government to deliver tourism growth. As CEO of Lorick Management, Lori is building a dynamic Tourism Management business through mentoring and developing an exceptional group of people."

Alan Eagle, Hawkesbury Harvest Co-Founder said

"Lori Modde is a tourism expert. Lori has a passion to build, develop and sustain tourism networks within NSW that give to customers an experience that is enduring. Lori started developing the Hawkesbury Hills and Riverlands Region Tourism (HHART) Network in 2008 and continues today as the main driver of for members and operators in the Region.

Lorick Management also manages other Tourism Destinations and as well trains and develop other in a wide variety of experiential based activities. Hawkesbury Harvest, a community based organisation in the Hawkesbury and surrounds is a member of HHART we have witnessed the growth in Tourism to our networks of Farms through the work that Lorick Management has completed. Lorick Management by the nature of their business builds and runs event across many fileds of expertise."

Aileen Cobern, General Manager, Sales & Marketing at Choice Hotels Australasia - ATEC Vic/Tas Chair & National Board

"Lori is a true professional when It come to Management style, marketing ability and knowledge of our industry and others. I have worked with Lori through the Tourism NSW campaigns and she has always worked hard to finalise all projects and exceed expectations of the many stakeholders that would participate."

Jenny-Lee Stefas, Tourism Manager at Sutherland Shire Council 

"The Executive of Greater Sydney Tourism contracted Lori to deliver the innaugural Greater Sydney Tourism Awards in 2010. She has since also delivered the 2011 Awards and the 2012 Awards. Lori turns concepts into reality. Committed and consistent - Lori excels at juggling projects & challenges, indentifying solutions and delivering on the mission every time!"

Richard Czeiger, Managing Director at FrafX Design Division

"Lori's energy and enthusiasm make her a stand-out in my client list. She comes to every project with an open mind and a focused goal. For a web developer this is a dream. We would highly recommend her services to anyone as she always looks at the end result as her driving force. In our case it was how to provide real value to users in their online experience so that they contribute to her customers in real-world terms."

Carolyn Childs, Director at

"I've worked with Lori for many years. She has been both a client and a partner.  Her passion for tourism and the success of regional tourism is amazing. 
Rather than write a paneygeric on her skills, I'll let the results speak for themselves..... Check out the NVS data for Outback NSW in 2011 and compare it to the average or look at the successful launch of the Greater Sydney Tourism Awards."

Peter Austen, past General Manager at Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust

"Lori is something of a rarity in the tourism industry in that she is grounded with loads of hands on experience but is still able to provide creative insight that informed from her comprehensive knowledge of the marketing arena."

Renae Darlington, Owner of Tourism, Hospitality & Event Solutions, Industry Development Specialist at Inland NSW Tourism

"Lori is a passionate and knowledgeable advocate for the tourism industry. She works tirelessly to support the Regional Tourism Organisations she manages and the operators in those areas. Lori manages to juggle so many areas of her business and always has a smile on her face! She is always happy to speak with businesses who ask her advice, and has a wonderful team that support her at Lorick Management. It is a pleasure to work with Lori."

Scott McRae, Actor, TV Host, Producer, Sales, Researcher, Writer, Singer, Emcee

"Lori is the sort of person that dots the i's and crosses her t's. Very professional and a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her highly."

Peter Valerio, Director at Tourism Strategy Development Services

"Lori's deep understanding of her work is obvious. She understands the complex interplays between various organisations and is able to use her expertise, diplomacy and communications skills to achieve meaningful consensus. She is highly committed to providing quality and her level of organisation is unsurpassed. Adding creativity to this mix makes Lori and her company outstanding to say the least. Further details concerning this endorsement would be my pleasure."

Vivienne Palmer, Senior Executive Assistant at UnitingCare

"Lori's passion for and dedication to regional tourism is inspiring. Knowledgeable, informed and motivated is how I would describe Lori and I would happily work with her again."


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