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The Visitor Economy

"there is no better industry to keep towns thriving and building strong communities..."

L Modde


By visiting regional parts of NSW, you contribute not just to the accommodation provider, but to the petrol station business, the grocer, the restaurant and so on.... and these business owners / operators then use the services in the town using the money you supply them. Tourism is truly worth its weight in gold as it multiples through a community, and is immensely missed when the visitors aren't there. 


- Go visit regional NSW - it has soooooo much to offer

- Don't take food with you, buy it there, support the small businesses in town 

- Go off the beaten track and discover new things 

- Spend time with people, it means more than you know... time is worth more than money as it connects humans and improved mental health

- Use social media to tell people about your experiences and travels - word of mouth is more powerful than ever before with the growth of social media

Here are some places that welcome your visit real soon....

from our experience...

The Hidden Gems in NSW

What are the must do experiences


Camp on the banks of the Darling River, you will never see as many stars as in Outback NSW


Trout fish the Snowy River, an adrenaline rush you can't describe as you hook your first fish


Follow your nose and food desires on the South Coast, the best gourmet foods are found in the smallest towns and shops, take time to explore each town


The second largest canyon in the world is in NSW... and the Newnes valley has some of the best Canoe trips and walks including the Glow Worm Tunnel


Heritage in NSW goes way beyond European settlement and you can see this with your own eyes and feel it in your heart at Mungo National Park

“We have worked alongside Lori at the NSW Tourism Awards for three years. She is passionate about the tourism industry, knows it inside and out and brings a great level of insight and enthusiasm to the Award program. Lori has managed the intricate Award program with its numerous stakeholders with professionalism and integrity.” 

Felicity Zadro, Zadro Communications

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