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Outdoors NSW & ACT is actively involved in “Advancing Outdoor Experiences”.... why?


"to enrich communities by connecting them with nature to

lead them to healthier and more fulfilled lives"

  • We are improving standards and quality of Outdoor Activities by supporting the industry with tools and resources 

  • We create greater collaboration across the sector to share, build, innovate and grow

  • We inspire the innovation of outdoor experiences by helping the industry understand market needs and matching with health benefits

  • We promote outdoor experiences as a pursuit to provide an opportunity for people to discover ways to become healthier individuals


Our network incorporates Outdoor activity providers, educators, academics, event organisers, therapists, and adventure tourism operators.


We are paving the way for more people to make a livelihood in the outdoor sector in NSW and in the ACT, through identifying hurdles and solutions, and up-skilling and capacity building of the industry to raise its professional standing, whilst increasing access for the community to participate and lead healthier and more resilient lives. 

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