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Sturt's Steps is a multi-faceted project that will provide visitor-experience infrastructure in the Unincorporated Area of Outback NSW. The project was successful in gaining substantial funding via Restart NSW and Infrastructure NSW with the support of the NSW Government.

The project is owned by Milparinka Heritage & Tourism Association and is managed by Visitor Economy Development and Public Works Advisory NSW.


Updates and information for stakeholders will be provided on this page.

For visitor information please go to www.visitcornercountry.com.au

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Meet The Team

Ruth Sandow

Chair of Milparinka Heritage & Tourism Association and

Instigator of Sturt's Steps


Lori Modde

Project Manager of Sturt's Steps

General Manager of

Visitor Economy Development

Mark Pascoe

Project Co-ordinator of Sturt's Steps

NSW Public Works Advisory

The Committee

NSW Government

Representing Public Works Advisory - Alex Campbell

Representing NPWS - Jaymie Norris & Gareth Telfer

Representing Transport for NSW - Tom Carruthers

Representing Premier & Cabinet - Steve Guihot

Representing DPI - Ellen Day 

Representing Crown Lands - Jody Chinner

Local Interests

Representing Local Aboriginal Land Council (Tibooburra) - Roxanne Robertson

Representing Tibooburra Village Committee - Dan Hough

Tourism & Heritage outcomes - Ruth Sandow

Map_Sturts_Signage (1).jpg



Whilst the map is a work in progress, this will help to understand where all the infrastructure is being placed for the project and help to also articulate the journey of Sturt's discoveries and activities. 


Sturts Steps involves the installation of many wayfinding and interpretation signs across the 1,100 klms to help tourists navigate and discover the region.

Sturt's Cairn

Stabilisation of the Cairn, interpretive signage and a walkway from the carpark to the Cairn to make it easier for visitors to climb to the top. 

Interpretation Centres

These centres will provide comprehensive information for visitors on their journey and add to the existing infrastructure in each location.

Fort Grey

Interpretation enhancements and visitor amenity at the Fort Grey conservation site including a giant Bilby Sculpture commissioned by an artist. 

Milparinka Enhancements

Clearing of built up silt and rubbish in the area and the enhancements to make it an Outback Oasis for visitors to Milparinka including the addition of Bed & Breakfast Accommodation.

Sculpture Trail

Sculptures will be commissioned for various key sites on the journey that are reflective of the nature, history and messages of the land.

Camp Kitchens

Camp Kitchens will be added to Milparinka & Tibooburra Campsites with a third under investigation (budget pending) at Sturt National Park.

Digital Application

In todays world the innovation opportunities that digital techology provides can enhance a visitors experience 10 fold, and this addition will do just that.



2020 - 2023

Broken Hill - Packsaddle - Pine View - Pimpara Lake - Pincally - Milparinka - Tibooburra - Cameron Corner - Sturt National Park and everything in between