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Sculpture Trail Update

Sturt's Steps project is working with West Darling Arts for the 3 locations below and with the Wild Deserts Project for the additions to Sturt National Park. 


The Sculpture planned for Packsaddle will be placed close to the Packsaddle Roadhouse and will provide an opportunity for visitors to engage in the artist's interpretation of the region whilst complementing the new signage that will also be placed alongside. This sculpture is in the concept planning stage and in discussions with the community. 


The concept for this site has been approved and the artist has commenced work on the sculpture. The sculpture will be an interpretation of 19th century life in Milparinka, where the women would write letters to family and loved ones. It speaks to the strength of ties between people, the desire to share stories of lives and, hope. The sculpture will connect with and acknowledge the hardships and the joys in the lives of the women who had once lived in the town. The artist is Gritta Walker.


The Sculpture planned for Tibooburra will be located outside the newly planned Tibooburra Aboriginal Land Council Museum and will provide an opportunity for visitors to engage in the artist's interpretation of the region in consultation with the Land Council and community. This sculpture is in the concept planning stage.



There are 3 sculptures planned to be added to the facilities of Fort Grey and Sturt National Park. These have been planned, procured, and created through a partnership with Wild Deserts Project, with the selected artists being Ivan Lovatt and Brian Campbell. One sculpture will be placed at Fort Grey Campground, one at the new Conservation Observation area, and one at the border gate at Cameron Corner. Images of these sculptures are seen on the right and represent the 3 endangered species of the area, the Quoll, the Bandicoot, and the Bilby. All made from the left-over wire fencing from when the conservation area was fenced. 

Contact West Darling Arts

Milparinka Masterplan Complete

The Milparinka Masterplan is a key component to preparing the new infrastructure in the town and how future opportunities can complement the project. It is also a necessary tool when looking at the movement of visitors in peak times around the site efficiently and sustainably. 

This has been a useful tool in working with Crown Lands on the potential of the tourism to Milparinka. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 2.59.20 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 3.00.54 pm.png

Milparinka Post Office 

The Milparinka Post Office is central to the work being done in Milparinka. This current remaining structure is to be regenerated into a usable interpretation facility. The concept design of this addition is below allowing 2 rooms be able to be enclosed and weather proof and the remaining structure to be open showing the magnificent structure that is it. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 3.08.01 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 3.07.49 pm.png

Sturt's Steps new addition

There are 2 letters next to Sturt's Steps - TM. Sturt's Steps is now a touring experience that is trademarked.

This approval confirms the importance of history when connecting with visitors across the region, and emphasising the importance of Charles Sturt's legacy in Outback Australia. Sturt's Steps can then tell more stories, offer more experiences, and welcoming more visitors to the region long into the future.

Camp Kitchens

There is a new camp kitchen being added to Milparinka and an extension being built alongside the existing Tibooburra campground facilities. Concept drawings are going through the approval stage prior to procuring and can be seen below. These facilities will provide excellent amenities for visitors to the region, with 58% of all visitors to the region caravanning or camping. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 3.55.21 pm.png

Interpretative Signage

The addition of interpretative signage is an important aspect to this project as we help visitors to understand the history of this place, the geology, flora, fauna, and how the region operates today.


Stories will be showcased on 3 different sized displays; the larger shelter in 10 locations across the route, 10 standard sized information posts and 11 smaller information posts. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 3.59.12 pm.png

Milparinka Waterhole

As part of the Sturt's Steps Project the Waterhole at Milparinka received a make-over removing considerable silt build up and rubbish that had to be dumped over the years. This is truly started to form an oasis in the desert and a great place for visitors to relax. Located just below the Milparinka Caravan Park, it provides an excellnt outlook as well.  


Industry Famil

Key stakeholders have been invited on a famil of the region and a chance to see first hand where the infrastructure is being positioned and to understand the importance of this region in Australia's history. 

The famil tours are now full and will take place in March 2021. However, if you are interested in joining a future tour, please let us know by contacting us.

Road Signage

The project team are working with TASAC (the Tourism Attraction Signposting Assessment Committee) on the approval of 118 road signs across the 1,100klm route. The additions of these signs will assist visitors feeling secure on their journey and point to the attractions along the route. They will include welcome signs, attraction pointers, journey locators and directional signs. This is one of the largest touring route projects and amount of signs ever assessed in one go by the committee.   



General Information

Outback Etiquette Tools available for Industry Use

To assist in educating our visitors on some of the nuances to Outback travel, access and amenity, the Sturts Steps Committee have provided these tools for any business, region, council, town to use to communicate to existing and potential visitors. 

Download your version that suits your requirements, add your logo and display away! 

Past Activities

Community Forum 11th November 2020

Lori Modde and Ruth Sandow were in Tibooburra for a community forum on the 11th November 2020. This was a great opportunity to update the community on what has been achieved to date and what is next on the agenda for the project. This was also a time where the community could ask questions and give input on the museum contents as well as the sculpture that will be added to the town.

This meeting coincided with a project site visit that entailed many meetings in Broken Hill with current and future stakeholders as well as a site visit to Sturt National park to confirm the location of the elements in the Park. A few photos from the trip can be seen below. 

Looking at sites for Accommodation
Looking at sites for Accommodation
Packsaddle - possible sites for interpretation
Packsaddle - possible sites for interpretation
Site of Milparinka Sculpture
Site of Milparinka Sculpture
Sturt NP Interp Shelter to be replaced
Sturt NP Interp Shelter to be replaced
Possible Astronomy Park Site
Possible Astronomy Park Site

Milparinka NSW

New additional to Museum in Milparinka
New additional to Museum in Milparinka
Milparinka Post Office
Milparinka Post Office
Hand crafted replica of Sturt's Expedition
Hand crafted replica of Sturt's Expedition
View from Wild Deserts Viewing Area
View from Wild Deserts Viewing Area

Sturts Steps Briefing 23rd September 2020

Download the presentation

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 5.05.21 pm.png

Community Forum 10th June 2020