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NEVER forget your 'why'...

Timely is this post, that I reflect on Simon Sinek's words "know your why" as I battle another series of challenges that life presents that made me realise that people in our industry have an advantage as long as they harness it.

Let me explain...

I am at a stage in my personal life where I am turning a home into a house, to sell it, to buy another home. I'm somewhat disconnected and checked out from the emotion of the place and fixing it up so it's adaptable for others and not for me. I am finding daily chores a battle and a constant reminder of the hill I am yet to climb in establishing my new place to call 'home'. A similar feeling I have had in the past in my working life, where I have lost my vision or passion for a cause, mainly due to circumstances beyond my control and external forces. I found myself 'checked-out' of the role no longer passionate about seeing the results I used to long for and strive for.

If you have experienced times like this, where life throws you battles to struggle against, you may also get the energy to refocus by reflecting on Simon Sinek's words, "Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion".

Most people that are in the visitor economy world are 'people orientated people' - they thrive on being around people, supporting and helping people and they enjoy seeing people happy. This is why when we connect people with a satisfying experience that brings a community benefit, economically and socially, we enjoy what we do. And when those visitors tell others or even come back, it excites us even more. Maybe we are just a strange bunch of people... but we have valid reasons. The tourism economy contributes six-fold to any local economy as proven by many academics as the dollars come in and move about a town through business to business transactions beyond the visitor engagement. Tourism can keep people employed, enable towns to thrive, and watching people enjoy themselves is satisfying as well.

There is something in each of us 'tourism-peeps' that has a "Why" statement connected to making other people happy. Find that why and you will have direction throughout your life. It's not that simple to determine your 'why' but going through the exercise is incredibly rewarding and satisfying, as things in your past life start to make sense and you then refocus on future decisions to be true to your 'why'.

Recently I reviewed my 'why', and found that the theme had not changed much over the years but in fact, its refinement has enabled me to refocus and tackle a few things head-on and provide immense satisfaction in the challenge but also in the gain I'm aiming for. My vision now is to find that place that is the home that enables my family to thrive and connect so they can easily accomplish the things they want to accomplish outside of the home.

When that complaining customer seems to grate on your nerves or the book work gets on top of you, remember WHY you are in the industry, what drives you, and what pleases you. Make it a passion, not a chore. Lori Modde - the one who collaborates, engages, and inspires others so that they feel powerful to make a difference in the world.... Who are you and what's your WHY?



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