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When a hotel gets everything right?

Unusual heh? As a frequent traveller it continues to pain me on how hotels can get the basic wrong. Its obvious that the manager, owner or senior staff have never slept in their own hotel beds or stayed in their rooms. Well I am here to tell you that one hotel has managed to get so much right and did everything with the customer in mind!

The Little National Hotel sounded like a quaint choice as I return to Canberra for another work trip and try to spread the love and stay at a different place every time. However, this one will certainly keep my attention for a while and good luck to the other hotels in trying to prise me away from staying there again.

As I entered the room, I have to say I probably was not thinking this was going to be the stay it was. Perched on what seemed like a window shelf was my bed, as if when I looked out the window I would seem to be an elder sibling of the Brady Bunch, as other faces peer from the other windows like the opening theme song of the show with the same name. But the bed was AMAZING! It was like my cubby, complete with flat screen TV and electronic commands via a tablet at my bedside.

Sure, it had some mod cons but that's not what impressed me the most. It was the touches that put the customer's needs into the design of the room and provisions.

Lets start with 'A' (see image below)... yes a real coffee machine. Anyone who travels a lot would be pretty rare if they didn't drink coffee, and good coffee! Of course the provision of kettle and good quality tea bags is also important. As I open the drawer... Amazing... T2 Tea bags! "Oh this is good", I mutter to myself. A nice tray positioned on the end of my bed ('H') with a 'relaxation T2 tea bag' is a nice touch, but not as good as when you have it just before bed after a long day.

As a traveller it's the smallest things that really tick you off... like on my last trip to Canberra I had to request an extension lead to be able to power my laptop as all power points sat directly on top of benches or tables and no powerpoint could take my Apple Mac power plug which is horizontally challenged. The to charge other devices I needed 2 other power points, in which devices are strewn across the room. Well the Little National Hotel has thought this one through well, the access of power for devices was for 240 or USB and with the thought that all sized plugs needed to be accommodated. And right next to the bed :).... happy girl! ('D'& 'E').

Did I mention the bed? OMG... I know not everyone is able to be accommodated in the bed firmness or softness, but as I climbed into bed on the first night I felt like I had snuggled into a cloud, so soft and consuming I don't remember much after that. Currently searching for a LUXE mattress for home now ('I').

The bathroom always throws up those challenges to a regular traveller, lids on bins that can't be removed or activated easily, no room for cosmetics or more importantly electrical devices to keep away from water, areas for effective towel drying and where to put things in the shower! And then winner goes to "The Little National Hotel"!

LOVE the little stool that can assist with shaving legs and double as a place to put all your shower items such as shampoo, face wash etc ('F'). So simple... so awesome! Oh and the recycled bin and waste bin ('G') assisting the environment in a neat little unit with plenty of rails for hanging towels and extra towels for those that need to dry hair and body! The sink was simple, effective and somewhat spacious for a hotel room, and kept the electrical items safe and away from the water.

Not pictured here as it may have seemed weird me taking pictures of the communal areas, but there were 2! Level 5, a coffee and tea station with office desks and spaces. Perfect for those online meetings or to catch up on some work. Level 6, a lounge area complete with bar and snack items. The bar is an honesty system and you write down what you have and it gets charged to your room... I'm so proud we live in a world where this can be a thing.

I know it doesn't seem like much but I can tell you the combination of all these items is never found and I challenge hotels to think like the customer, trial rooms like a customer and ask the customer what they need. It's not that hard!



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