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Its been a blur...but great to now reflect!

Today marks 2 years Lorick Management has been contracted to steer Outdoors NSW & ACT into a better place for the Outdoor Industry and 2 years since the first day of that thing called a 'lockdown'. Who would have thought that we were going to have to steer the organisation through fire recovery, COVID combat, flood recovery (twice), an insurance crisis and a shortage of staff epidemic?

Regardless, I think the challenges have opened opportunities for discussions and connections like never before and we seized the moment and took advantage where we could. It does seem like a bit of a blur but when reflecting on the successes achieved it has some clear themes in why we succeeded.


Yes, we know we keep being told we need to understand where we are heading but boy that was a little hard when the world presented ridiculous circumstances to which we needed to adapt to in the quickest way possible. For us, the vision is what we stand for, and if articulated right, this should not have changed through Covid or any other challenge and it keeps focus on the outcome. It's just the route to get there may change.

Common Voice

Where the perception is to be the squeaky wheel and to be louder to be heard, we found it was not the volume that gained us the voice but the collaboration and number of voices that joined together in the same 'song'. We can't lose sight of this learning as we return to more 'normal' activity as industry peak bodies are needed most in crisis or times of need, but it is the support they have during the good times that supplies the ability to act in challenging times. We are always having to be ready.


It's fair to say that we saw tremendous responses to innovation across all industries that would have been conducted at a much slower pace had we not had a pandemic. Solutions to problems were involving everyone equally. And what this market condition allowed was an opportunity to change and innovate without some of the effects that come from a fear of change to overshadow the possibilities. We took this opportunity to provide new opportunities for the industry too and now harness innovation and agility as 2 key values for Outdoors NSW & ACT.

I'm not sure anyone can say thanks for the challenges the world has thrown us in the last 2 years, but I will say thanks for the support, connections, and community that the Outdoor Industry has provided us, as this has enabled us to provide the results we have. We are honoured to continue serving you.



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