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What is important?

It’s becoming clear as we go through this pandemic what is really important in life, some not-so-surprising revelations and some wake up calls for us as well.

We have always known that family is important however the increased reliance we have started to have on each other as we confine ourselves to our humble abodes has emphasised that family is the most important aspect of our lives. Look how we are being taught to have more patience, more forgiveness, more understanding as we are in a situation where we have to stay together for our safety and the safety of others....all jokes aside, I have seen compassion grow even in these early days. Maybe this epidemic will provide a wake up call the world needed.

The second one relates to a movement I have felt strongly about since my days representing tourism businesses in the early 2000’s and a movement that is no more important than at times like this. This movement is the power of associations. Industry Associations are organisations that you belong to because they advocate for your sector, your industry, your needs in business.

People who know me would agree that I love to help people and that’s reflected in my business as a personal mentor, business advisor, and advocating and being employed by associations. I consider myself very lucky to be able to represent many businesses through my current work and this is the time we hit the ground running. The associations retain a yearly membership cost to help provide you a service. Make sure you use it and ask your association for support... that’s why they are there!

At Outdoors NSW we have been talking to all members and as tough as the stories are, it’s really important to know what’s going on, and to update that information as and when it changes. We have, and will continue to, get that information to our authorities as support packages are being developed. We are getting all new information and support content to the members quickly and efficiently as it comes to hand from government and health authorities. We are answering questions from our members and if we can’t answer we research it and get the answers. We are planning for how to mobilise the industry at the end of the epidemic. And sometimes we are just the ear our members need for mental health.

If you are impacted by Coronavirus and haven’t contacted your association or industry advisory groups I suggest you do and start getting value for your yearly investment at this crucial time.

Stay safe everyone.



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