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Can you see beyond this epidemic?

It’s hard to talk about anything but the corona virus right now, but as people see an uncertain few weeks/months it’s important to keep remembering there will be an end to it and although it will be a new ‘post covid-19‘ life, it is therapeutic for all to consider, plan, contemplate, get ready for what that will be like...

Will it being doing something you love to do, will it be spending more time with your family and friends, will you have a different perspective on what’s important and can you use this time to consider your options.

For me I can’t wait to see Sturts Steps come to fruition, and continue to work with my clients to build their business, their sector, their results while working closer to my loved ones and maximising my time with them.

Like everything in the world right now there will be delays, hurdles, financial concerns, uncertainty but I remain positive about the future of our country and for the work I have committed myself to for the foreseeable future.

For those in small business ... once you have done what you can to sort your health and/or finances as much as you can, use this time to work ON your business while you’re not IN your business. Make use of this time well and if you need assistance Lorick Management is offering a free 1hr strategy session online to get you started and give a helping hand at this time. Contact us via our website to make a time with us.

Stay safe, stay healthy and focused for when we become social beings again.



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