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Steps for Resilience

A week on from my last update and power has been restored, weather has been less dramatic and my life back in Lorick Management has got back to where I left it some 6 and a half years ago.... crazily busy! But I am loving talking to, connecting with and assisting many people and businesses already.

As far as the fire recovery, I am hearing of some amazing work being done in region. Most pleasingly I have heard of groups visiting the regions and helping organisations like BlazeAid rebuild fences and infrastructure. The money they are spending while there is being put into the economy and replicating up to 8 times as the dollars connect community through other service provisions...not because its ‘recovery’ - because its ‘tourism’ and that’s how it works! For example, pay for a hotel room - who pays a cleaner - who pays a grocer - who pays staff - who pay for their own needs in the community....need I say more?

It is at this time that small businesses now need to be savvy about their next moves to ensure the cash flow starts up again and they build the business back to a sustainable level... however this is not easy. I have spoken with many operators ready to throw in the towel or on the brink of deciding to close. I can not stress enough that all businesses need to work together and although some maybe familiar with a ‘destination’ approach, some may not. One voice is hard to be heard in a crowd but if they are all saying the same thing, they can they be heard. And this is more important that ever before.

Reconnect with your local tourism group, network, association and get involved, don’t try to move against the tide, go with it, as it will take you much further along your journey at this time.

Now remember that big thing that’s been hanging around for 4+ years called the ‘drought’? Well for a lot of NSW it hasn’t gone away and still remains a huge issue for the agriculture industry in western regions. So now for the information on one of my biggest projects of the year...

Next week I head to the Outback. No, not to Orange, as someone asked me the other day... First stop Broken Hill, then up to Milparinka, Tibooburra and Cameron Corner, where I hope to also be one New Year’s Eve so I can celebrate midnight three times as I stand in the middle of 3 time zones... lol. Google maps is a great resource for you now if you don’t know where I’m talking about.

Why am I going here? Well I am pleased to report that economic resilience is on the horizon for this region as an investment of $5.2Million is put into building tourism infrastructure to open up access and experiences for future visitors, thus providing another industry to supplement a region that has been highly reliant on agriculture for many many years. I am privileged to be the project manager on this significant investment known as Sturt’s Steps and will be working with 32 stakeholders to make it happen. Credit to the mastermind behind this project Mrs Ruth Sandow of whom I have held in high esteem for many years and she continues to amaze me with her passion, resilience and commitment. I can’t wait to get started on this project next week and keep you all updated with its progress.

Like a true shopping channel advertorial, ‘but wait there’s more’... but unfortunately can’t tell you too much yet about that other project on the horizon, you will indeed have to wait. So until then, stay safe, stay happy and don’t forget your #travelnswpledgein2020.



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